JC20 — FRP Seat or Full Mesh


Popular Recumbent Trike with Rack and Headrest

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Recumbent Trike Mesh Seat Front View
Recumbent Trike Mesh Seat


The JC20 is a solid performer that will do what you ask of it … and then some. Let me pick a few highlights from the overall package. You’ve got the choice of 3 setups: 27 speed, 30 speed, or XT if you’re looking for that extra degree of snapiness in your shifting. You’ll also enjoy the aircraft-grade 7005 aluminum—lightweight but rigid with durability that’s off the charts.

The 27 speed comes with a FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) seat base with a cushion mesh to settle back into. And if you want a full-mesh seat experience, that’s available as well.

The crank will give you a voluminous 52/11 combination for a warp-speed run along the flat or downhill. At the other end of the scale the 30/34 will have you tackling the toughest grades with ease. You might not get to the top of the grade in record time—but you WILL get there, with energy to spare and having enjoyed the ascent to boot.

The 30 speed sports Avid BB5 mechanical disc brakes for a smoother and more powerful braking experience. The 27s Novela mechanical disc brakes does the job too. It’s just with the Avid, you can skimp on the stopping distance a bit more. Since you’ve basically got a Tiagra setup, the 10 speed cassette allows you more options and, in concert with the crank gives you Shimano to Shimano compatibility. Tiagra has evolved into an awesome groupset over the years and is the perfect choice for a 10 speed solution.

The “XT” comes with the Shimano XT rear derailleur. With the JC20 XT option you also get what is arguably the best non-hydraulic disc brake around, TRP’s SPYRE. This dual piston actuated mechanical disc brake means an extremely short stopping distance. The dual piston means the rotor will not flex to one side during braking meaning even pad wear.

And for the DIYers, the JC20 frameset is also available. This includes the frame, cross-frame, boom, headset, Ubar, steering, tierod, idlers, chaintube and seat bracket.