Freedom Is There for the Taking ...

 “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose,” sings Janice Joplin in the winter of 1971.

Yes … and no.

Relationships and the “stuff” you accumulate over the years weigh you down.

Freedom can be hard to find.

You snatch precious time here and there, where you can, and etch out what personal space life allows you.

Of course, cyclists know freedom is there for the taking, just a bit down the road.

Cycling, bent or straight, takes you right where you need to go.

Every time.

Life to the max, sweeping through the bends, panniers full of gear for the tour . . . 

. . . or groceries if temporary—or even permanent—freedom from the box-on-wheels is your thing.

But being free is not so much about losing something, like Janice was talking about, as gaining something precious ,the open road, or trail, stretches ahead where the journey IS the destination.

A bit of a corny cliché . . . but true all the same.

FREEDOM is written right across the face beaming the recumbent grin.

At Performer, we get this.

Creating Freedom Machines is what we do:

That’s the way we see it . . . and live it.

From the beginning 20 years ago to the present day, we have never lost touch with what we do:

Engineering quality Recumbent Trikes and  Bikes , providing a way to getting you free, if for only an hour.

Now, if you have not yet been seduced by the laid-back approach to the cycling life, no problems.

We also do conventional bikes as well.

High modulus carbon. Light. Strong. Fast.

Titanium. Yep.

Aluminum. Check

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