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Traveling with a Folding Recumbent Bike

Here’s what one customer did with the Conquer Folding FWD. Folded it up into a 32″ suitcase! Yes, it can be done. You can plan a great vacation knowing that you have this sort of flexibility. A recumbent bike tour of Europe. Absolutely! The way he did this was, firstly, remove the wheels. Separating the wheels from the frame opens up the possibilities. You could distribute these components amongst several suitcases, boxes or packing options. Anyway, here one wheel is placed at the very bottom of the suitcase main compartment. It’s advisable to put this in a wheel bag for protection from the frame which can go on the top. You’ll see in the photo that there is room for other items in and around the wheel and the frame when it is placed on top. Note that the boom has been removed and the steerer slackened. Especially awesome is the inclusion of the floor pump, an essential item for fast tracking correct pressures when you get to the other end. The second wheel, bagged up of course, goes on top. Cycling shoes packed as well, or whatever other bits and pieces that completes your kit.

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