Recumbent Trikes


The most popular trike in our range. You might ask how this differs from the JC20. It comes down to the back wheel. The JC70 will take a 700c wheel (vs the JC20 20″ rea wheel). The JC70, moreover, has a longer wheelbase at 116cm vs the JC20 with its 97cm wheelbase, and the seat angles are different.

JC-26X – Suspension

For taking the edge off a bumpy ride on a long day. You’ll be sporting a recumbent grin no matter what … it’s just that your grin will be a little wider with the extra impact dampening effect. A bit more of a cushier ride— Why not?!

Trike F

The Ultimate Folding Trike. No need to purchase expensive bike racks. Fold and stow in the back seat or the trunk and you’re good to fast-track your way to the trailhead.

Carbon Trike


Add lightweight carbon to a trike’s natural aerodynamic profile. What you get? A machine that is close to the ultimate FREEDOM machine. You really can “Ride Like The Wind” with this one!!


Recumbent Trike Range Overview

The 4 trikes in the Performer range have you covered.

The JC20 is a sound choice for either your first trike or an upgrade. You’ll certainly not find better value for money trike-goodness anywhere else. You’ve got a range of options to choose from so you can dial in your budget according to your needs. The FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) seat with cushion mesh is standard. You can also install a full mesh seat if that’s a better fit for you.

 The JC20 27 speed sports a triple chainring with a 9s cassette. The gear ratios here are such that you can get up a very respectable head of steam on the flats as well as being able to power downhill. Plus you’ll be able to get up all but the steepest climbs on the lowest gear ratios. The mechanical disc brakes will give you exactly the level of control that you need when you need it. The 30 speed gives you that little bit of extra choice in gear selection along with exposure to more of Shimano’s super-awesome 10 speed Tiagra groupset.

 The JC-26X gives you rear suspension and a wide range of options across the 27 speed, 30 speed and XT choices. This is deluxe triking in, again, a great value-for-money package.

 The 27 Speed is characterized by the 9s Sunrace cassette and the Novela Mechanical Disc Brakes. The 30 Speed gives you the key components of Shimano’s fantastic Tiagra 10 speed groupset along with Avid’s powerful BB5 mechanical disc brakes. The X.9 gives you the choice of installing SRAM’s X.9 long cage 10 speed derailleur and TRP’s powerful SPYRE Disc Brakes. Or for the same price you can choose the XT package which basically swaps out the X.9 long cage with Shimano’s XT derailleur.

The Performer Trike-F, or “folding” trike is convenience wrapped up in a neat package. If you live in an urban area which means a commute through traffic to get to the trail, this is what you need. No need for expensive, bulky, inconvenient trike racks on your car. Fold your trike, put it in the trunk, the backseat or the truck and off you go. The 27 speed model will give you all you need to get that triking recumbent grin. The 30 speed has more Tiagra 10 speed goodness included as well as TRP’s powerful SPYRE Disc Brakes.