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Performer’s range covers the main categories of Recumbent Bikes and Recumbent Trikes—including a Tandem Recumbent Bike model. We design, weld, assemble—and ride!—all our bikes and trikes. These are available to you, our customer, direct. The trike and bike range is a well-balanced blend of machines to suit just about every need.  Since Performer also designs and manufactures Tandem Bikes, we have included the three upright recumbent variations that we manufacture.
The Performer High Racer series consists of LackaZelus and Surmonter. Lacka is a basic, sturdy workhorse. It comes in the single specification set, namely Shimano Diore 30 speed groupset ie. a 10 speed cassette with triple chainring. The highest gear ratio is 52/11 which will get you moving along level roads at a very brisk pace indeed. The lowest ratio is 30/36 which will get you up all but the very steepest grades. You may not get there fast. But you will get there.
With Zelus we introduce a front wheel drive recumbent bike into the range. The advantages of front wheel drive are that you have a very simple rear half of the bike since, obviously, there’s no need to route the chain right the way through to the rear wheel. What’s more is that the chain is shorter meaning less weight. There is a better connection to the drive since it is just about as close to the pedaling action as is possible.
Surmonter gives you the added option of a folding front wheel drive recumbent bike. If you love getting out into the open spaces away from the urban jungle, struggling your way through traffic for, possibly, hours is not a fun way to get to the fun part of a day or weekend ride. Simple fold the bike up, stow it in the trunk or even the back seat, then head out of town for roads less travelled. The addition of the high-profile aerodynamic carbon wheelset makes this model especially attractive. When the way is clear with zero traffic lights to hold up your progress, you’ll be makin’ haste with little waste as top gear combined with carbon wheels makes short, and delightful, work of the miles. Getting up the grades is not such a chore either, as you’ve got a granny ring to fall back on when hills loom ahead.
The Performer Low Racer Recumbent Bike range consists of the “Mini” racer, Vigorous, along with the X-Low, which comes in the Mini Bar version—X-Low M—or the Superman Bar version—X-Low S. This is an awesomely fun recumbent to ride. It is available in a 20 speed—Tiagra 10 speed cassette, double chainring—version only. But this is just what you need to crank this little beauty to road-humming performance. The top gear ration gives you a 56t chainring on an 11t sprocket. Rocket! Vigorous certainly describes it. The closeness to the pave coupled with the super-low center of gravity means going into curves is just the greatest experience. “Fun” does not describe it. Sure, you are not going to be tackling any challenging climbs. But hero climbing is not what you are riding this little number for!
Our basic folding recumbent bike, Conquer, is a good choice when you really don’t need the performance edge that Surmonter provides with those wicked high profile carbon wheels. It folds neatly in half around the one articulation point into a compact package. You’ll not have any serious climbing in your future with the double chainring, but, you will have factored that in.
If you are looking for rear suspension, then the Goal-26x in either the OSS or USS version is the Performer bike to look at. Goal-26x is available in triple chainring combinations of either 9 or 10 speed. That is, 27 speed and 30 speed, along with an X.9 SRAM long cage option or Shimano XT rear derailleur option.
The range of Performer Recumbent Bikes is rounded out by the inclusion of the Family Tandem Recumbent with Under Seat Steering (USS). The 9 speed 11-34 cassette and triple chainring delivers a 27 speed experience with the gear ratios to set a sprightly pace on the flat or tackle a pretty decent climb or two.

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