The JC70 Recumbent Trike - Looks. Comfort. Handling

The handling of the JC70 Long Wheelbase is excellent. I have had it over 70 kph and it is rock steady.​

Recumbent Trike on the road low view

I have had my Performer JC70 Mesh for 4 1/2 years and ridden 15,000kms (9320 miles) on it.

A friend who has been riding trikes for many years convinced me to get the trike after I was having considerable pain issues riding my regular road bike.

The main reasons for choosing the Performer, were value for money, looks, comfort and handling.

I use the trike for exercise, social riding, commuting and even go away on holidays on it.

I have recently retired from work, but was riding the JC70 to night shifts, which was a round trip of 60km.

Recumbent Trike Australia Touring

We have a group of 5, including my wife, that all have recumbent trikes.

Once a week we go for a dinner ride in the evening of about 60km.

I purchased a trailer for mine, and my wife and I sometimes pack enough clothing and gear into the trailer and ride 100km south of our home to the holiday area of Mandurah, where we will spend a few days holidaying and riding, before pedaling back.

Recumbent Trike touring camping area

My Performer JC70 has been excellent.

I have done many long rides and the comfort level is very high. I can ride 130km and get off none the worse for it. 100km on my old road bike saw me in serious pain for days afterwards.

The handling of the JC70 Long Wheelbase is excellent.

I have had it over 70 kph and it is rock steady. Whilst it doesn’t have the tightest turning circle, it’s cornering stability is excellent and I frequently take serious bends in excess of 50 kph.

Braking on the long wheel base version is excellent.

Recumbent Trike Off Trail

Performer have an excellent customer service culture.

Victoria and Christine at Performer have gone out of their way to help me out.

I appreciate their friendly, outstanding service. I cannot speak highly enough of them.

Recumbent Trike on the road front view

The bike I have now is excellent.

I modified the rear seat mount to give me a more laid back position suitable to me, but otherwise the bike is as supplied, with lighting and carrier accessories added.

I highly recommend the Performer JC70 Large Size (long wheel base), and look forward to many more years of enjoyment on it.