High Racer Recumbent - Folding Front Wheel Drive


High Racer Recumbent Front Wheel Drive Folding Folded Up

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You’d like a High Racer, one with front wheel drive (check out the Zelus for front wheel drive only), and one which can fold up neatly into a package that will fit into the trunk or backseat of a car. The Surmonter is the High Racer for you. This speed demon folds down to a convenient 94cm x 47cm x 87cm package. The folding aspect is not the only highlight of this model. The high profile carbon wheelset, Performer R5500…. No need for internal cabling on this one since the front wheel drive makes that obsolete, one benefit of a front wheel drive model!
There are great benefits to be gained from a set of aerodynamic 700c clincher carbon wheels. Apart from the high profile cutting a path through the air—a perfect complement to the already aerodynamically optimized recumbent profile.  These are Straight pull, with a height of 55mm and width of 23mm. The spokes are double body: Front 24, Rear 24. The Hub is Chosen F/A8076BX 24H, R/A8117BG-11X 24H. Weight limited to 110kg. Individual wheel weights are 882g for the front and 942g for the rear. Available in White, Red and Black.
The hinge is a self-locking mechanism that is easy to work and locks firmly into place when the bike is unfolded from its storage mode.The hinge handle locks down either to the left or the right, under the main tube, flush with the rear of the hinge. To open it, you take hold of the handle and move it to a vertical position relative to the hinge face—this will leave it parallel to the main tube. You then slide it down so it is pointing vertically down. Then rotate the handle 90° to the left. Grasp it and pull, using a slight forward and backward motion. This will move the locking rod out and away from its slot. The handle is spring-loaded so a little force will be needed to clear the bevel. You’ll know you have moved it out far enough when the hinge begins to open and the frame begins to fold in two. When you release the handle, the spring will bring the rod back into position. The rod will visibly protrude at the point where it would lock back into the frame. The frame can now be folding back on itself completely. You need to take care not to put too much lateral force on the hinge while the bike is in this folded position as this may stress the hinge. To re-assemble the frame, move rotate the frame tube to where the hinge flange makes contact with the rod. Press the rod back into the hinge using a combination of the handle and a finger to push it in. When the rod has recessed enough, you’ll find the hinge will easily close. Mind your fingers though! The rod will snap into position. Then rotate the handle to be parallel with the frame tube. Then rotate 90° which will lock it in position. Either to the left or right, whatever you prefer.