Low Racer Recumbent - "Mini Racer"


Low Racer Recumbent Folding Bike

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Low Racer Recumbents are all about speed. That’s the Vigorous in a nutshell. The least amount of surface area that you present moving forward, the less the resistance and the faster you will go for the same amount of energy input. Low to the ground, laid back, the soles of your feet on the cranks cutting through the wind. Fast on the flat, fast through the curves, and don’t mention downhill. If there’s wind on the day and you’re heading into it, you’ll have a much easier time of it than the upright riders. And sidewinds are less of a problem. Nothing like the scare you get on a blustery day riding an upright when you come out of the lee of the wind into a gust, feel the wind take hold of the front wheel… Not a fun feeling, and not one you’ll get with a low racer. This is not designed to be an around-town commuter, let’s get that straight. It’s a performance speed machine, no two ways about it.